Welcome! to Cypress Hill Memorial Park - a historic cemetery, with large and peaceful grounds, in a beautiful park-like setting, situated on a small hill just north of downtown Petaluma & also includes My Pet's Cemetery.

Edward William Mervyn Evans (1861 - 1942)

An Irish immigrant and stonecutter, E.W.M. Evans was employed by W.M. Brown Granite Yard until he purchased the business and renamed it the Cypress Hill Cemetery Works. Later in 1919, he went in to partnership with three of his seven children to form the Petaluma Granite & Marble Works.

c.1928 - E.W.M. Evans standing outside his shop located on the grounds of the Cypress Hill Cemetery.

Cypress Hill Cemetery Works receipt dated May 29, 1905 made payable to E.W.M. Evans for work done for Joseph Breckwoldt.

According to a 1905 city directory Joseph Breckwoldt was an employee of G.P. McNear who lived on Keokuk Street, Petaluma.

c.1930 - E.W.M. Evans

privately owned

Cypress Hill Memorial Park
430 Magnolia Avenue, Petaluma, California 94952
Established - 1859
open every day of the year from 8AM to 5PM

The My Pet's Cemetery is located at the top of the hill near the maintenance yard.

My Pet's Cemetery

Bert - Petaluma Police K-9

Sgt Richard Allen Penry (1948 - 1994) US Army  - Vietnam
Medal of Honor

Veterans Section

In memory of those who made the supreme sacrafice in the defense of our country in all wars of the United States of America.

In Memoriam USS MAINE destroyed Havana Harbor February 15th 1898
This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the USS MAINE

Maintenance Yard & Nonendowment Care Sections


Lawn Sections

Odd Fellows & All Saints Botanical Garden Sections

Maintenance equipment setup for operation, with care taken to avoid damaging the lawn or adjacent grave markers.

Preparations for a burial service at My Pet's Cemetery.

and more Nonendowment Care Sections.

And sometimes, deer can be seen at the top of the hill in the wooded area surrounding My Pet's Cemetery.

Cloverdale's historic Riverside Cemetery.

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