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And then, once upon a time...it was a "Goldilocks day" - it was not too hot & not too cold, it felt just right to go for a walk in the forest. And...once upon a time...the "Family of Infinite Soul, Inc." had a picnic at Crabtree Hot Springs.

Located deep within Mendocino National Forest, in an isolated narrow winding steep walled canyon on Rice Fork Eel River, the geological phenomenon of Crabtree Hot Springs is situated directly over the Bartlett Springs Fault, at an elevation of 2,257 feet, with a flow rate of about 10 gallons per minute at a temperature of 106 F.

Crabtree Hot Springs, California, USA
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historic & world famous. established - about 1875.
...to Crabtree Hot Springs, California, USA...or bust...at America's #1 picnic party spot.

Muchos grassy ass for visiting Crabtree Hot Springs...hasta luego.

+ Monday, July 18, 2011

Known as the gateway to Mendocino National Forest and Crabtree Hot Springs, Upper Lake is the last place to buy gas before heading to the geological phenomenon of Crabtree Hot Springs.

Bear Creek Campground(USFS) - FREE & OPEN all year

...and only about 6 miles northwest of Crabtree Hot Springs.

Bloody Rock Hiking Trail + tule elk herd at Lake Pillsbury

& the geological phenomenon of Crabtree Hot Springs

SS Red Oak Victory + Fire Truck & Pancake Breakfast + Tour

World War II cargo ship museum - Richmond, California, USA

Pacific Coast Air Museum

Santa Rosa, California, USA 95403

Cloverdale Historical Society & Museum + Gould-Shaw House & Garden
also featuring Cloverdale's historic Riverside Cemetery
+ Yorty Creek Recreation Area at Lake Sonoma

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+ FREE - World's largest photo collection of the geological phenomenon of Crabtree Hot Springs.

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